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What is it that stands higher than words? Action. What is it that stands higher than action? Silence.

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Skin Complaints



I went to Martin Costigan for homeopathic treatment predominantly because of my skin. My skin would burn and tingle (like acid was on it) and it would make me feel awful. In addition I used to break out in red pimples and lumps. My skin would get particularly bad in hot humid weather or after eating honey, ice cream or sorbet.

I also had a real fear of terrorism and violence generally, refusing to even watch the news or read newspapers.

After my first treatment my skin improved heaps. It actually glowed! With continued homeopathic treatment under Martin I have emotionally come much more into balance as well. My fears relating to terrorism and violence are not as bigger issue anymore. Now if I watch news on the television it doesn't emotionally drain me anymore. 

When I first went to see Martin I also talked to him about perfectionist tendencies I had carried through life. Since being treated homeopathically my perfectionism has progressively lessened. I am much easier on myself and am more able to accept my limits and work within them.




Martin Costigan saved my life – literally.

I’d had unbearably itchy eyes and itchy skin for over 2 years.  I’d seen numerous GP’s, a Dermatologist, an Optometrist, an Opthamologist, a Dietician and an Acupuncturist.  The only relief I had was after seeing the Dietician.  I went on an elimination diet and discovered that preservatives triggered my itchy skin.  Avoiding preservatives helped for quite a while but my eyes stayed constantly itchy – so itchy, that I would scratch the corners with my nails.  Although being on a preservative-free diet, after a while my itchy skin returned.
A lady working in a chemist told me about Martin and how helpful he had been to her.  So I thought, “What have I got to lose”, and made an appointment.  At that stage I really didn’t think I could live the way I was for much longer.  I googled Homeopathy on the internet which gave me an insight into how it works.

On my first visit, Martin told me that I wouldn’t be cured overnight but that he felt sure that he could help me.  He said that skin problems could take a while to resolve.  I didn’t care if the process was going to be slow – he was the first person to give me any encouragement in finding a “cure”.  Although the process has progressed slowly, it has definitely not been a costly one.  I only need to see Martin once a month – the other weeks I phone him and give him an update and he advises me of how much and when to take my remedy. The remedy was included in the first visit and I have never needed to replenish it.

From the first visit I had results.  It took a little while to get the dose right.  My reactions each week tell Martin a story and he can then advise me over the phone what to do next.  I started seeing Martin during last year and after a few weeks my itchy eyes disappeared, which improved my quality of life enormously.  There’s still a little way to go with my itchy skin but the improvement is amazing.  

I would not hesitate to recommend Martin to anyone with any kind of problems – physical or emotional.  Several of my friends have consulted Martin for various conditions and have not stopped singing his praises.  I just wish I’d discovered Homeopathy before I was so desperate – but it wasn’t something I’d ever had any contact with and didn’t understand the help it could give me.  I will be forever grateful for the help Martin has given me.




The skin on my fingers will crack and bleed every year during the winter months. I was given a homeopathic remedy for this and within days my skin healed. Amazing stuff.




I first decided to look into homeopathy after I had repeatedly had unsatisfactory responses from medical doctors.  When I moved to Australia I searched for a homeopath who would be able to help me.  I decided to see Martin from the recommendations and testimonials on his website. 

The issue that I saw Martin for was a skin condition – eczema. I suffered from itchy, red and unsightly skin inflammation on my hands, arms and face.   This is a condition I have suffered from since birth and has come and gone in different degrees of severity throughout my life.

Throughout my time attending appointments my skin condition has improved and has continued to do so.  My symptoms have improved and I feel much better in myself since I have been taking homeopathic remedies.  I now feel that I am a much healthier person and am able to deal with things better than in previous years, even though all my symptoms have not yet completely gone.  I feel as if I am more in balance with myself, even emotionally (and this is not something I originally went to see Martin about).

My skin condition is much better than it ever has been in my life.  I still get some eczema but it is confined to a small area and usually brought on by life style choices, stress or the weather.  It is refreshing to have someone listen to what you have to say and act on it.  The weekly updates are also a vital part of your treatment to monitor progress.

It has been an interesting journey where I have learnt things about myself along the way.  I am now more willing to turn to homeopathic remedies for other ailments without the need to seek conventional medication.  I like the fact that I am taking natural products that have no side effects and will not harm my body. 

I would and have recommended homeopathy to friends and other people.  I have found that it is something which works for me on more than one level and for more than one problem in my life.  If I ever have a cold I will always turn to homeopathic treatment first.  I also believe that homeopathy can help with symptoms which doctors may say they cannot help you with or which may involve invasive procedures.  I would always try homeopathy first. 

I would recommend homeopathic treatment to anyone – give it a try.




My two young boys aged 7 & 5 have been battling school sores for almost 2 months. After consulting with the GP we were first given antibiotic cream which helped but more sores kept popping up. I tried many other creams and then finally gave in and put my 7 year old (who had the worst sores) onto antibiotics. 

At the end of the week long course of antibiotics they were better but then flared up again straight after.  I didnt want to give another dose of antibiotics, but at my wits end, I gave homeopathy a try. We have always used homeopathy at home for common colds etc, but it never occurred to me to use for school sores. Martin prescribed a remedy at first which helped but the sores were persistant He prescribed a different remedy where, incredibly, the sores vanished in just 3 days!!!

Many thanks Martin!





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