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God does not command that we do great things, only little things with great love.

Mother Teresa

Pain Management




I had shoulder surgery in March 2006. It was a tendon repair and shaving of the bone. In hospital I had a morphine drip in for 24 hours and I was sent home with 2 boxes of heavy painkillers to keep the pain at bay. The pain killers gave me a bad rash and made me sick within 24 hours so I stopped taking them. I then went on to Panamax for a few days but they did not seem to work so I went off them also. I experienced bad pains and sat up half the night in my lounge chair.

I went to see Martin at Living Water Homeopathic Medicine Centre and after taking my symptoms he gave me a homeopathic remedy which I was to take for 5 days. I did get less pain and managed to stay in bed at night. I stopped after the 5 days and the pain got real bad again. I went to see Martin again as the pain was so bad. He put me back on the original remedy plus an additional one. He also gave me Traumeel cream which is a homeopathic anti-inflammatory cream.

I stayed on the remedies and cream until 2 weeks ago. Now my pain has significantly lessened. I am still using the Traumeel cream every morning. 





I become fearful when it comes to going to the dentist. I had to have a back molar out and was told stitches would be necessary.  I grind my teeth and when I have had  extractions  previously I was in agony and could only be soothed with strong painkillers and Valium for days after the extraction Given my anxiety I would have preferred to take all of that for days BEFORE the extraction. Sometimes even a lot of dental work could be painful due to the grinding of the teeth. 

I mentioned this to Martin in passing and he said he could help with homeopathic medicines instead, which would work quicker and have no side effects. He got me to take drops for a week before the tooth came out and then different ones post-extraction when the injections wore off. To my complete joy and relief I did not even have to take one Panadol for the whole episode. There was no throbbing ache as the injections wore off.  I did not have to top up with codeine or other drugs and the next morning my mouth felt fine. My head felt good as well as I did not need to take Valium. Of course the extraction spot was tender and I had to be careful with eating. But there was no swelling and hardly any bleeding at all.

I feel so much better that I did not have to take the other heavy pain killers as I usually would, because they always made me feel pretty strange in the head and with my low pain threshold I always had to take the maximum amount.




 After years of being very active and involved with sports and dancing I found myself constantly in pain from the many and repeated ankle and other soft tissue injuries sustained over the years. Almost permanently on painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs I found that when I didn't take the medications I was waking in the night with the pain in my ankle. Each morning I would have to spend five to ten minutes gradually, gently and painfully stretching the ankle until I was able to stand on it. I became alarmed when this process had to be repeated during the day, whenever I rose from sitting for any length of time.
When it was suggested to me to try Biomesotherapy, a Homeopathic sports injury treatment, I was open to anything that would help with the pain. After the first treatment there was an immediate improvement and now after a second treatment I find myself relatively pain free at night and getting straight up and able to walk on the ankle in the morning. I'm back to walking daily and running up and down stairs, something that I hadn't been able to do for a couple of years.
No painkillers, no drugs and an ankle that is improving weekly. I've found the results of Biomesotherapy treatment quite liberating.



I came to you for treatment as I have had lower back pain since receiving an epidural,  during a very traumatic experience in giving birth to my son.  I have put up with the pain for over 12yrs now.  The pain was really affecting my life. Even after standing for 1 hour to do the ironing I was unable to walk properly and in unbelievable pain; so much so I would have to lie on the bed.

When I visited you at your clinic you took the time to listen to my story and prescribed a treatment especially for me and my problem.  I am happy to say that even after 24hrs on the treatment I felt so much better, and in as little as seven days I felt fantastic and my lower back pain was completely non-existent. I can’t believe how simple it was to become “pain free”.  A huge thank you. My only regret is that I didn’t come and see you sooner.  I guess there is no longer an excuse to get out of the ironing………….

Kindest Regards




Hi Martin,
I want to share with you my experience of using Arnica post surgery.
I am both amazed and delighted at how quickly I have recovered from the surgery. I had an Morten's Neuroma removed from my foot two weeks ago and I am already back to my usual walking regime of an hour per day.
I only had to use panadol as pain relief for a couple of days because I experience very little pain.  "I'M SO DELIGHTED" I was walking on my foot the next day and driving my car two days later. Even more amazing is that when I took the bandaging off there was no evidence of  any bruising.

When I saw the specialist a week after the surgery to take out the stitches he commented on how quickly I was healing.
I had been apprehensive going into the surgery about the recovery time, so you can understand that why I'm singing the praises of Arnica.


 I got a stress fracture in my ankle, and after nine months of standard treatment wearing a brace, it had not healed. I was advised by two surgeons that the only option was to surgically fuse the joint with screws and the one told me it would take nine months from when he operated to when I would ‘be back to normal’.

Martin was recommended by a friend, and as a last resort, I went to him- very sceptical- not imagining that he could do anything to fix a broken bone! After my initial consultation with Martin he identified grief for leaving my home country as a cause of blocking natural healing ability in my body. I agreed with what he said, but still didn’t think the remedy could treat ‘grief’ or a broken bone! I first took the remedy on a Friday afternoon, and that weekend I noticed the pain in my ankle was a bit better- but I though that was a fluke! I found that over time I had periods of when the pain in my ankle would disappear, and then come back. Each time, however, the period of no pain was longer and longer, until, after three months, I was able to remove the brace and I haven’t needed to put it on since.

Thank you, Martin, for helping me overcome grief that I hadn’t recognised, and for helping get my bone to heal naturally- without the need for traumatic surgery.






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