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Infants and Children


Our 15 month old daughter had suffered constant illness since birth with numerous ear infections, colds, chest infections, viruses, whooping cough and major sleeping problems, so after her 15th course of antibiotics I decided to seek alternative treatment.  Martin was recommended to me by a friend so I took her to see him and the results have been amazing. 

The constant illnesses and antibiotics had caused our gorgeous girl to be miserable, lethargic, clingy and very high maintenance and she regularly had very high unexplained temperatures for days at a time.  She was waking up to 8 times a night and the sleepless nights were taking their toll on us and our family.  

Since starting the homeopathic treatment we now have a healthy and incredibly happy toddler who sleeps through almost every night and we often comment that we now have someone else’s child!  I would certainly recommend homeopathy and Martin to anyone experiencing a similar situation.





 My son was experiencing nausea and vomiting. After being prescribed a homeopathic remedy his condition improved incredibly within the hour - a completely different kid.




 My newborn baby was experiencing severe colic and as a result was not sleeping.  After receiving his homeopathic remedy he stopped crying and fell asleep within minutes!  Within 3 days he was sleeping for several hours at a time and his distress had gone.  My husband was also suffering from thrush which disappeared within a couple of days of  using a homeopathic remedy.




Dear Martin,

I took my daughter to a Pediatrician who diagnosed her as having Glue Ear and possibly needing grommets in the future. He also recommended a hearing test.

I then took my daughter to see yourself. You examined her ears and asked me about her general health and other pertinent questions. A remedy was then prescribed by you and after one week of treatment she stopped pulling at her ears, slept better and seemed happier. This result has been sustained.

I’ve been back to the pediatrician since and he was very pleased with her ears, stating that “there is nothing wrong with them”.

I am really grateful for such a simple remedy, when the alternative of grommets would have involved quite a painful and complicated procedure.

I have already recommended your skills to a friend.

Many thanks,




Martin  treated my young son for a large sebaceous cyst in his ear that, doctors and surgeons had advised,  was only treatable by invasive ENT surgery. The cyst would regularly blow up and block the entire ear canal and was very painful for my toddler son.

I  discussed the situation and condition with Martin at length and he researched and found a remedy that would assist. My husband and the ENT surgeon were doubtful that the remedy would assist, but after 3 months treatment (using remedies) the cyst blew up for the last time and then dissipated. The ENT surgeon confirmed the cyst is gone and no surgery is now required.
We are so grateful to Martin for assisting us with this horrible painful condition that would have plagued my son for years until he was old enough to have surgery.




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