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That is why I am telling you not to worry about your life and what you are to eat, nor about your body and what you are to wear. Look at the birds in the sky. They do not sow or reap or gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they are?

Jesus of Nazareth



When I look back at the past five months, since I began Homeopathic treatment, I can hardly believe what I was like at the beginning of the year. I actually feel like I have shed the skin of that person and have grown into the sort of person I want as my best friend.

When I was in your office weeping and stuck in that bleak numbing place in my mind I felt as though I was dead while I was still alive.  It was as though the top of my head was open and gallons of cold, wet, rough concrete was being poured into me - down my throat, down my guts, setting hard and expanding. I was terrified of the pain as my brain was forcibly flattened and squeezed against my skull.  I felt so lifeless, yet terrified.    

Why ? - because 6 years ago I had come out of the same "thing" - a "thing" that had lasted on and off for 6 years. I had been diagnosed then with endogenous depression and been prescribed antidepressants.  I tried at least 5 different sorts; Efexor, Zoloft, Arapax,and Aurorix, all in varying doses from the minimum to the maximum.  Then Lithium was added.  But none of it worked in the end, just more of the same. The doses got biggerand the tablets changed. I went for periods of a few months at a time  in a sort of "limbo", neither really happy or really sad.  I got fatter as a result of the medication and that made me feel more loathsome. My energy plummeted and I would sleep all day, watching TV to put me to sleep.  The lithium affected my thyroid and I had to take thyroid tablets.  In the end I could not bear to put another tablet down my neck.  I wanted to take rat poison, anything to end the "madness" of a "thing" I was supposed to being cured of. My brain could not cope with this.  I was at my wits end.   By sheer luck I had the good fortune to meet a skilled acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist and after intensive treatment I "came good" got my energy back, got a job and kept going.  I did not know that alternative medicine could be this powerful.  

Over the past two years, living with the stress and anxiety of a child with a multiple drug addiction and enormous complications, spiralled me back into the terrible reality of the agonised brain. I was frantic with fear of what I could become again and felt reduced once again to a blob of useless pathetic futility.  Again even suicide was a considered option.   The homeopathic treatment you started me on seemed so bland.  A few drops of this, etc.  But something went to work and without my realising it my brain did a turn around, picked up bundles of good energy and took off. Things happened along the way ... anxiety, grief, sadness, despair, rage, feelings of uselessness and low self esteem, all seemed to vaporise and I felt re-energised with a sense of acceptance and contenment.  I felt I was in the driving seat, that I was capable of staying there for as long as it took.

Now as I continue with constitutional treatment, it as though I feel I have so much to look forward to and contribute to my life and what is around me.  And my son, whom I put on the "back burner" to leave to his own devices, has gradually made some improvements without the unhealthy influence of yet another dead, unhealthy presence in his life.   The best thing about homeopathic treatment is that I don't feel as though I am being "treated".  I feel as though the remedies melt away all the garbage that has piled up inside me and at 54 years of age I can now experience being playful, carefree, joyful, hopeful and independent in my ability to live within society.  




I am a, normally very healthy, 36 y.o. male but have suffered from bouts of depression for the last year or so, getting worse over time.

I did not even realise it was depression initially, but I recognised I needed to do something about my worsening conditions which seemed to be getting out of control.

After months of counseling I could not seem to get any better and my GP advised taking anti-depressants.

Then I turned to Martin for help and I have been astounded by the profound improvements I experienced after being treated homeopatically.

This is not an overstatement – within just two days I felt so good, like I haven’t felt for a year – and I am continuing to improve, without the use of pharmaceutical medication.

I don’t know where I would be now without this treatment – thanks Martin.




I came to Martin, at Living Water Homeopathy, for help after trying everything else for my depression. My doctor had prescribed numerous anti-depressants including Zoloft, all of which had terrible side effects and didn’t help me in the slightest.

I was at my lowest when I found Martin's article in the local paper on depression and called him up, not having ever tried a natural therapy before. After a lifetime of trying everything else I just kept my fingers crossed, and my mind open, to see what Martin had to say.

Within 3 days of the first dose of my remedy I felt a huge difference. After the first month I felt like I was a whole new person. Not only had my depression gone but other things I had suffered my entire life like headaches, lethargy, mood swings, PMS, food cravings and more had vanished.

Now I feel amazing, my children comment almost daily on the ‘new’ me and I can enjoy life again without the dark, heavy weight I always felt on me before. My husband is the most amazed, he says I am a totally new person, heathly, happy and outgoing, and best of all no longer insecure and untrusting!!! I would recommend Martin to anyone, (and I regularly do!).




My life at one stage seemed hopeless; being a married mum with an alcoholic husband and struggling to raise two young children. My situation was the source of significant grief and I could barely function as a person let alone be a mother. Thank God for sending me Martin Costigan, because through him I receive Homeopathic care that enables me to live and be present, in the moment.




 After 35 years of consulting Natropaths, doctors, acupuncturists, etc, I could only obtain short term relief from my health challenges.

My problems started from PTSD in my youth, and continuous night duty in a  high responsibility job. Added to this, I contracted Glandular Fever at 20 and didn't have it treated at the time, not even knowing what it was or that I had it. This Glandular fever caused a lot of fatigue that would rise and fall all through my life plus I lost a kidney to it.

Martin very patiently worked through my life and unravelled me like an old black and white film.
With the aide of his remedies he built up my imune system, rid my body and mind of fear and panic attacks, and removed toxic poisoning from my system.

Having to give up work at 49 was a definite shock to my already fragile system. I found it very hard to get my head around this, but with gentle Homeopathic treatment, I am now able to face whatever the future may bring. All this took time but we arrived at the destination.

I also believe that it is essential to believe in a higher force: God: in whatever form you might perceive him to be, and find rest in his light.

Many thanks Martin. Keep up the great work.





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