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Colds, Coughs and Flu

Homeopathy is very effective in treating colds and flus. Not only can a well selected remedy stop the condition where it is but also speed up recovery time. Thus the earlier a remedy is given the better. Following are some of the remedies used. When differentiating be sure to take into account the person's emotional state and main physical keynotes.



Gelsemium is a classic flu remedy. The following features are typical: lethargy, chills up and down the spine, fever, muscle aches, droopy eyelids and thirstlessness. The flu will develop slowly and the headaches will be accompanied by pain in the eyeballs. The person will be better for lying still and there may be a general weakness and trembling.

Eupatorium is another big flu remedy and has the keynote of bone pain, as if the bones are broken especially the back, wrists and ankles. There is fever with a strong thirst for cold drinks. The person is chilly, restless and experiences pain in the eyeballs.

Arsenicum presents with copious,clear discharge from the nose and burning in the chest. They are chilly, fatigued, restless and anxious. They desire cold water but only in small sips. They may experience shortness of breath.

Ipecac flu features gastrointestinal symptoms. The tongue will be clean and vomiting will not relieve the nausea. There is a lack of thirst and excess sweating.

Rhus tox flus are brought on by changes in the weather, especially damp weather. For this reason Rhus tox is often called the human barometer remedy. There is great restlessness, anxiety and apprehension and the person will constantly change position to obtain pain relief. The person is better for heat and continued movement. They are worse initial movement and resting. Another keynote of this remedy is stiffness especially in the joints.

Baptisia is not a common flu remedy but is a very effective one if the symptoms match. A prominent keynote that is unmistakable is that all discharges have a foul odour. This includes the stool, urine, sweat and saliva. It also has another unusual keynote where the person has the delusion that their leg is lying next to them (detached) in bed. They may also only be able to swallow liquids, gagging on solids. People with this type of flu picture present in a state of stupor. Any parts they rest on will feel sore and bruised.

Nux vomica flus feature great chilliness. They experience chilliness on the least movement or exposure to the open air and cannot warm up. There is a desire to be covered up. This picture has general aches and pains and the person can be distinctly irritable and critical. The nose will run all day and then block up at night. It is typically a gastric flu with vomiting and diarrhoea.


Colds and Coughs

Ferrum phos is a good first stage remedy for colds when they have an unknown origin. The ideal time to take this remedy at the first signs of a cold or cough. If a cough is present it will be hard and dry. The person may present with a dry, sore throat with a slow onset of fever. Their face is pale and may flush easily. Generally they are worse at night and are better for cold applications.

Aconite is a good remedy for the beginning of a cold. There will be a fever in the head but the body may be cold. There is a tickle at the back of the throat and a great thirst for water. Cold wind can be a big cause of this cold. Typically a child may be out in the night air playing and sweating and when they stop they become chilled. The next morning they wake up with a fever and dry cough.

Nux vomica is another remedy for the onset of a cold. The nose is blocked at night and runs during the day. The person is chilly on the least movement and the lungs are burning. Check above for other keynotes.

Arsenicum is indicated when a clear, watery discharge begins from the nose. They have a dry, burning throat and desire cold sips of water often. The skin is cold to touch but the person feels as though they are burning up. The glands are swollen.

Allium cepa is prepared from the red onion. The effects of cutting onions mimic the symptom picture also. Colds responding to this remedy will have a profuse, watery discharge from the nose that burns the upper lip making it raw and streaming tears that are bland. This remedy is often used for acute hayfever. Constant sneezing will also occur. Symptoms are better for cool, fresh air and worse in warm stuffy rooms.

Euphrasia has the opposite picture to Allium cepa. The nasal discharge is bland while the tears are burning. There is a loose cough during the day. It is also a good conjunctivitis remedy. Symptoms are better for lying in a darkened room and worse for bright light, warm and windy weather and the evening.

Antimonium tartaricum is for loose phlegm in the chest that is difficult to bring up



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