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Do you not know that you are a temple of God and the Spirit of God dwells within you.

Saint Paul of Tarsus

Fundamental Principles

There are several main principles around which Homeopathy revolves.

The Law of Similars

Similia similibus curentur or ‘let like be cured with like'

That is, any substance that can produce symptoms of a condition in a healthy person can restore a sick person with similar symptoms.

This is the Law upon which Homeopathy is founded.


The Single Remedy

A classical homeopath gives only one remedy at a time. In this way:

1. the patient receives a proven remedy

2. any improvement will be due to a known single remedy which can be very important in following up a case


Infintesimal Dose

The more a remedy is diluted and succussed the stronger it becomes. This has some important implications:

  1. A substance which in its crude form may act as a poison, will resolve similar symptoms in a sick person in a microdose. eg: Belladonna (Poison Ivy) poisoning will produce increased heart rate and blood pressure, but homeopathic Belladonna will alleviate these same symptoms

  2. Homeopathic medicines produce no side effects because there is nothing left of the original physical substance to react with


Exactly why homeopathic remedies work is not known but quantum physics is showing promise in explaining this.



This is the name given to the method by which substances are tested to establish their symptom pictures. Provings are carried out on healthy people.

The proving picture of a substance can also be added to by:

  1. accidental provings, or

  2. clinical evidence


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