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Homeopathy and Air Travel

Homeopathy and Air Travel


Air travel is a regular aspect of life for many people in modern society. Whether you have to travel for business or recreation, there are a number of issues related to flying that can challenge any air traveler; even frequent ones. Homeopathy provides a number of medicines (also called ‘remedies') which treat ailments related to air travel.

Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine that was developed in Germany over 200 years ago. It is based on the Law of Similars which states that any substance which can produce symptoms in a healthy person can also relieve those symptoms in a sick individual. As an example, Ipecac syrup which is available at any pharmacy, has been used for many years by Western medicine to induce vomiting. When made into a Homeopathic dose, however, Ipecac will relieve copious vomiting with persistent nausea.

Substances are transformed into Homeopathic remedies by a process of serial dilution, where they are diluted beyond any remaining physical trace. Homeopathic remedies can be made from plants, animals or minerals. They act on a person's Vital Force or Chi, because they are energy medicines, and restore one's whole system to balance. Benefits of Homeopathic remedies include rapid action, no side effects, inexpensive, and non-interaction with pharmaceutical medicines.

Some air travel remedies and their indications are as follows. Homeopathy always individualises so it important to match a remedy picture as closely as possible to the symptom picture of a person. That is why there may be more than one possible remedy for the same ailment.


Air sickness

Tabacum - nauseous, giddy, faint, pale, cold and sweaty, with ‘tight band around head' feeling

Cocculus - sight of food causes nausea and increase in saliva, feeling giddy and worn out with desire to lie down

Borax - fear of sudden downward motion (eg: hitting an air pocket) when traveling by air

Fear of flying

Argentum nitricum - anticipation anxiety before flying with palpitations and diarrhea. Irritable, nervous, hurried, thinking ‘what if?....'

Aconite - sudden anxiety attack, hyperventilation, restlessness, fear

Jet lag

Cocculus - weakness and fatigue of whole body, headache, loss of appetite, oversensitive, lose thread of thought easily (great remedy for flight attendants also!)


Nux vomica - from drinking too much beer in-flight

Ledum - from over-indulging with whiskey and other spirits


Nux vomica - pain and bloating from rich and fatty foods, or too much coffee. Constipation, flatulence or burping. Perfect remedy for the businessman who leads a sedentary lifestyle.

Lycopodium - constipation during traveling, with bloating below the navel after food with fermentation in intestines. Strong craving for sweets.


Martin Costigan is a Homeopathic practitioner and his clinic, Living Water Homeopathic Medicine Centre, is located in Brisbane. Martin treats patients for a wide variety of everyday and chronic ailments both in his clinic, as well as Australia-wide and internationally through his website www.livingwater.net.au

Martin also conducts corporate seminars on achieving work/life balance.


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