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Sport Injuries

 After years of being very active and involved with sports and dancing I found myself constantly in pain from the many and repeated ankle and other soft tissue injuries sustained over the years. Almost permanently on painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs I found that when I didn't take the medications I was waking in the night with the pain in my ankle. Each morning I would have to spend five to ten minutes gradually, gently and painfully stretching the ankle until I was able to stand on it. I became alarmed when this process had to be repeated during the day, whenever I rose from sitting for any length of time.
When it was suggested to me to try Biomesotherapy, a Homeopathic sports injury treatment, I was open to anything that would help with the pain. After the first treatment there was an immediate improvement and now after a second treatment I find myself relatively pain free at night and getting straight up and able to walk on the ankle in the morning. I'm back to walking daily and running up and down stairs, something that I hadn't been able to do for a couple of years.
No painkillers, no drugs and an ankle that is improving weekly. I've found the results of Biomesotherapy treatment quite liberating.


I am an Australian Rules Football player and was diagnosed with glandular fever halfway through our season. The doctor I went to said I would be lucky if I played again inside 2 months. This meant the end of my season for the year.

I was aching all over, was extremely lethargic and the glands in my neck were so swollen I could hardly eat. I lost 7kg in weight over a week and a half.

I went to see Martin Costigan at Living Water Homeopathy and he built up a comprehensive picture of my symptoms. He then prescribed me a Homeopathic remedy. Within the first couple of days my energy and aches started to improve significantly, and then to my amazement my swollen glands went down. I started to eat again and within a couple of weeks had regained the weight I had lost. Within 3 weeks I was back playing footy.

Thanks Martin for saving my season.




I am a 28 year old nurse. Being a sceptic from seeing pharmaceutical medications given for ailments and then others to counteract the side effects from the first ones, I thought there must be a better way. I first was introduced to Martin when I was heading to Hawaii for a touch tournament/holiday. Martin gave me a variety of remedies to take and what to take them for. I used one remedy pre and post playing which significantly decreased stiffness and soreness, another topical solution for a stubbed toe that was healed in a matter of days and another for a black eye. Being a nurse and a regular to sports related soreness and how long things generally take to heal using regular medications when compared with homeopathic remedies the healing time was significantly decreased using homeopathic treatments. I now regularly use remedies pre and post playing sport and recovery times have diminshed. Thank you Martin



Early last year I was faced with the unknown, I had broken my wrist playing netball. Devastated, having not broken anything before, I was told at the hospital to keep my arm in the sling and come back to the fracture clinic in 2 weeks, and given pain killers. I was in significant pain and had no idea how to handle a broken bone. I do not like taking pills and wanted an alternative to pain killers that were knocking me out and making me constipated. Martin asked me a number of questions including what type of pain it was, was it there all the time and was it worse for sudden movement. He then made up 2 remedies for me to use alternatively. The pain was decreased and became bearable overr a couple of days, then was completely gone after just a couple of weeks with no side effects that the other regular medications were giving me. A big thank you.    




During an Australian Rules game I received a blow to the eye in a tackle from the swinging arm of an opposition player.

Martin Costigan was our team Homeopath and we had been using Homeopathy for both prevention and treatment of injuries. I had been taking the remedy Arnica before each game and after my injury Martin told me to keep taking it for the next few days.

On Monday I went to a doctor and she ordered an x-ray which revealed my eye socket was fractured. She was amazed at the lack of bruising and swelling around my eye. Martin told me that this was due to the action of the Arnica. He then prescribed for me another Homeopathic remedy which assists bone to heal rapidly.

I have no doubt my injury would have side-lined me longer if I had not been using Homeopathy. Thanks heaps Martin.




Late last year I was faced with a broken collarbone, the second break in 7 months. This time I decided to get it plated. There was a large gap and the bone growth around the previous brake had been broken straight through. It was discussed and the specialist told me that I needed a bone graft.  A piece of my hip bone taken out and put in the gap of my collarbone. The specialist did explain that the bone graft is generally more painful than the surgery to the collarbone itself! Post surgery I was dosed up on a cocktail of different medications, which zonked me out and made me continuously vomit, not being able to keep any food down. I was then sent home with a painkiller and told to keep the sling on for 6 weeks. I was given a 5 minute daily physio exercise regime but being dosed up, couldn't remember what was said. I was referred by a friend to Martin who had used him for various other conditions but not post surgery or broken bones. I thought anything was worth a try. After an initial consultation and a few remedies later my arm pain was significantly better. I returned to work a few weeks later with arm in sling but after only one day was forced to take the rest of the week off with extreme leg and hip pain from what? It wasn't where they took the bone out but it was definitely something to do with it. I spoke to Martin again and he gave me a couple of remedies to use alternatively and asked me if I was interested in coming in for a Bowen Therapy. I had never heard of a Bowen Therapy but again I thought it has to be better then dealing with this soreness/pain. After a few sessions and the remedies I am completely painfree, have returned to full time physical work and playing competitive sport 3 days a week. Martin I don't know what I would have done without you. Thank you!  



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