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There’s only one reason why you are not experiencing bliss at this present moment, and it’s because you’re thinking or focusing on what you don’t have.

Anthony De Mello

Food Intolerances


My 5 year old son James has been under homeopathic care with Martin Costigan for some time. He had food intolerances combined with constant tiredness and crankiness. He also had waxy ears and itchy eyes. After the first treatment James became more compliant and "tested the limits" a lot less. There was also a big improvement in the waxiness of his ears. In this time he also tried some new food which was unusual for him.

Since that time, with ongoing treatment, James' food intolerances have improved significantly and he continues to improve as a whole person under homeopathic care. The improvement that homeopathy has made to James' life is immeasureable. He is more balanced and feels better within himself. This reduces the stress on the family as well. 

Homeopathy is an important part of my family's health and well being and it ensures that we remain on the journey of optimum health.

Thank you Martin. 






 Living Water has offered me a completely new life through treatment with homeopathy.
At first I was doubtful how the treatments would work as I am located in Newcastle, NSW and Living Water in North Lakes, QLD. I am so pleased with the results that obviously distance was no barrier to treatment. My symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) have now cleared completely. All this has been achieved so effortlessly that I am truly amazed. I have gone from being fearful of being out and having an attack hit me and causing embarrassment, to now having no symptoms; I even included small amounts of diary back into my diet which had been excluded to reduce the IBS symptoms. All this has happened since my internal balance has been corrected.

Not only has this all taken place in a matter of only 8 weeks, I have also had emotional breakthroughs for issues which have been with me for life. I have suffered from abandonment issues where everybody in my life had abandoned me. This had made my current relationship very difficult to deal with, from both my own feelings of fear that my partner would leave, to his feelings of being smothered because of my fear. These emotions where put to the test recently when my husband traveled to WA for business for 10 days and I experienced feelings of calmness and pleasure in spending time with myself and family and friends.

I have also experienced more acceptance in life's happenings.  In Newcastle we recently  were declared a disaster zone after experiencing several days of flooding rains and wide spread destruction of property. Since this time we have had a couple of severe storms and my calmness watching the lightning and hearing the thunder has surprised me, as previously this was a situation I would remove myself from as soon as possible by going indoors.
I can only recommend that people try the homeopathy path to relieve themselves of both physical and emotional pains, as it is such an easy and effortless process that they truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain. My heart felt gratitude for all that you have done for me.




I took my 5 year old son Sean to see Martin Costigan due to eating imbalances and low energy. At night he would always eat very slow and would experience great tiredness.

After his initial treatment Sean's eating in the evening improved as did his energy levels. By his next appointment, he had developed eczema (red, crusty, dry eruptions) on his legs, back and under the eyebrows. This was the same as the eczema (appearance and location) he had when he was between 6-22 months of age! We had treated it with a cortisone cream and it went away at that time. Martin explained that old symptoms that have been suppressed often return when the whole person is treated homeopathically and that this was a sign that healing was occurring in the right direction.

With ongoing treatment Sean's eczema has gone and he continues to become more balanced as a whole person. He is now the last to go to sleep and the last to get up; the complete opposite of before.




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