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That is why I am telling you not to worry about your life and what you are to eat, nor about your body and what you are to wear. Look at the birds in the sky. They do not sow or reap or gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they are?

Jesus of Nazareth

Behavioural & Learning Difficulties


I approached Martin Costigan in approximately 2005, with regard to my 8 year old son, who had been diagnosed with ADHD.

Brian had in fact been diagnosed in January 2005, at which time I spent countless hours researching, reading and talking to both professionals (3 paediatricians later) and other parents about ADHD - the effects it had on the child, parents, siblings and their ability to function in society. 

Brian's symptoms were mild in comparison to some children I had read about and seen. However, this did not lessen the impact of his diagnosis. Some of his symptoms included the following, and these are just a few:

- Restlessness Hyperactivity

- Tantrums that could last for hours Social withdrawal

- Poor fine motor skills Poor writing ability

- Lack of concentration Anger outbursts

- Impulsiveness Easily distracted 

Brian's ability to concentrate in class was one of our major concerns and to this end we felt we had no option but to resort to medication (dexamphetamine). This was a very difficult decision to make, but at this stage we felt as though we were losing our son.

The dexamphetamine worked well to a point but there was a long settling in period where Brian felt nauseous after taking his medication, his appetite waned and he was very teary. Apart from all this, his concentration did improve in school, however we were now dealing with a mini version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at home. This period of time, coping with his behaviour, tantrums and mood swings was incredibly difficult for the whole family and took a toll on us all. It was after Brian had been medicated for approximately 12 weeks we felt we had no choice but to stop the medication. Once we did that, the old Brian slowly returned, with the original problems.

This is when I discovered the benefits of homeopathy. I will admit that at first I was skeptical - due to my lack of understanding of homeopathy. We saw Martin in October 2005 and within a couple of weeks we started to notice changes happening. This prompted me to continue the visits and to this day we have not looked back. 

Martin's support, persistence and encouragement at each monthly visit has helped us to get where we are today. Brian is now like any other little boy, out to have fun and enjoy life. Brian is now far more settled, able to sit and have a conversation with anyone, behaves in class, is warm and loving and enjoys life and what it has to offer. No longer are we held victim to anger outbursts and tantrums for no reason.

It is thanks to Martin's professionalism, understanding and support that we can now enjoy Brian and not dread the days ahead. Brian now has a much more positive and enlightened outlook on life. I would not hesitate in recommending anyone to try homeopathy - it is a very gentle and safe method of treatment. 




My son Jonathon began seeing Martin Costigan for treatment for ADHD in June 2004. I believe his ADHD symptoms developed after he was hit by a car 2 years previously. These symptoms included lack of concentration, restlessness and anger. He also began having bad headaches after the accident which produced nausea.

Jonathon had his initial treatment with Martin and by the time his follow-up came around one month later Jonathon has gone from 20mg of Ritalin a day to 5mg. Jonathon has now been Ritalin free for over a year and no longer experiences headaches. 

Jonathon's abilities to concentrate, recall and retain information have all improved under homeopathic care






I took my 5 year old son, Chris, to Martin Costigan because of aggression combined with stubbornness. When things didn't go according to his plan he would resort to hitting, yelling and crying. He displayed a strong competitive tendency towards his younger brother and would often display frustration with him. In addition he was restless and over-sensitive to criticism.Thanks to homeopathic treatment Chris's temper tantrums have decreased dramatically and his overall attitude continues to improve. Chris is more balanced and relaxed. He now asks to see Martin and is more aware of how he is feeling. Homeopathy will continue to be apart of the Health and Wellbeing of my family.



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