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The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.





In January 2012 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, my Son Sam. I had a smooth birth with no complications and Sam was a healthy happy New Born with an Agar score of 9 and 9.

Sam grew quickly and was hitting his milestones on time, sometimes early; in some cases he almost seemed advanced. He was a happy, cuddly and content One Year old.
At 16 months after his MMR vaccine Sam changed ever so slightly. First he would no longer look at the camera when you tried to take his photo. Gradually we lost eye contact almost completely. He started to walk on his toes all of the time and was flapping his hands. By October 2011 even the couple of words that he had disappeared. I did some research on the Internet and became concerned that he may be Autistic. Immediately we went in search of a Developmental Pediatrician only to find the the waiting list enormous. I finally secured an appointment for December 2011.
During our wait to see the pediatrician Sam continued to go backwards. He started to hum constantly and was almost completely vague. Unless has was watching The Wiggles, he would just wander around and do his own thing. He would not play with other kids or toys; he actually hated being in the presence of other children and cried anytime there were children around.

We finally got to our appointment date with the pediatrician and to this day that consult still shocks me. He listened to all of the things we had listed that Sam did without so much as acknowledging Sam in the room, never once getting down at eye level with Sam to see for himself. At the end of the appointment he confirmed our largest fear that Sam was indeed Autistic. He assured us that there was support of $110/fortnight from the government, when I asked what I was to do with the $110.00 he said, "you said he likes swimming get his some more lessons" and that was it! No direction and certainly no hope.
I dove into books reading into ABA, OT, Speech you name it, but one thing constantly caught my eye. So many people reported having fantastic results through Homeopathy. Not being a believer in this type of medicine I was very skeptical but I was willing to give anything a shot, that's when I found Martin at Living Water.

So off we went to meet Martin, we talked about Sam and what we thought may have the triggered Autism. Based on the information we shared Martin made Sam up a remedy but that's not all. If you are reading this as a parent of a recently diagnosed child or a parent that has an Autistic child, you will have spent so much time running around looking for answers and solutions and only ever finding the time to feel your own pain late at night... no one ever seems to ask how you are. Well at the end of our initial appointment Martin asked me how I was travelling and I finally fell apart. I couldn't believe my ears...someone actually cared.
The next day after Sam’s first dose of the remedy I picked him up from Nana's on the way home from work and I could not believe my eyes... Sam saw me from the lounge room, held eye contact all the way to me, I picked him up in my arms and he held my face in his hands and stared straight into my eyes, I couldn't wait to tell Martin or David (my husband). My husband had been a bigger skeptic than me.
We continue to see Martin with Sam monthly and Sam is continuing down the path of coming into balance that Martin promised he would. I call Martin regularly between appointments to give him an update on Sam. Whilst Sam is not cured at 2 years and 7 months, he now goes to Kindy 3 days a week and is comfortable with other children, even trying to get involved. He has maintained his eye contact, most of his little ticks are gone and he accepts changes in routine with no problem. We believe that a lot of the positive change that we have seen in the past 6 months has been the result of Homeopathy.   
Thank you Martin, you give us hope...



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