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The telling question of a person’s life is their relationship to the infinite.

Carl Jung




I am a 36 year old married woman with 2 kids. I started suffering from severe anxiety attacks when I was 30.

It all started when I went to the doctors to get a check up and they had asked me to come back in 6 weeks time as they thought something didn’t look right. The panic attacks went for the entire 6 weeks, my symptoms were nausea, hot flushes, couldn’t eat properly, couldn’t sleep, very depressed, and many times crying for hours as I thought what if its cancer, and if it is, I was going to die and my kids were not going to have a mum ( my greatest fear). It turned out to be nothing, but that triggered off many years of panicking over anything to do with my health or my family’s health.

I went to see doctors, they just said I was imbalanced and that I would get over it. After many, many years of going to doctors for various medical things, they finally put me on antidepressants for 6 months. That did work and I finally felt good again however it was only temporarily, as not long after I had gotten off the tablets, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, and of course that started my anxiety and panic attacks again.

My mum got treatment and is fully recovered however, I was still having my attacks and thankfully my mum suggested seeing a homeopath to see if they could help me, and that’s where I met Martin.

I told Martin about everything that had happened and we went from there. He explained that is how someone of my personality type deals with these kinds of situations and he gave me drops to take. Well I haven’t looked back! It did take a while and slowly I was making progress and now finally I am healed. I still get the occasional thought, but as quickly as it comes it goes and I don’t get the all symptoms I used to get. He also taught me to accept who I am and that is the way I deal with things, and my type of personality is needed in society which made me feel really good.

I will always refer anyone that I know that has any problems to see Martin. To think I suffered so many years and all I needed to get was natural homeopathic drops to heal me from the inside out.





I have been a patient of Martin's nearly four years. I went to see Martin as I was suffering from (though unwilling to admit it at the time)  terrible anxiety and depression. A friend referred me to Martin and I have never looked back.  He was so patient and understanding and always available to help me when I had bad weeks or issues that caused me extra turmoil. He listened as I cried and cried. He gave me great ideas about learning to cope. He was very sensitive to my needs and has, after 3 years treatment, effectively cleared me of depression without the need for anti-depressants. A combination of the remedies, Martin's support, and really calling on myself to be strong  got me through one of the darkest times of my life. I am so grateful to Martin for his help in getting me back to the way I used to be.
It was such a relief to myself (and those around me) to have the heavy weight lifted off me and the constant anxiety removed. I was able to enjoy my life, my family and my friends again. The initial treatment itself removed a lot of the issues within a relative short time frame and I have, since then, gone to strength to strength as Martin worked through all the different layers affecting me. My friends and family have even commented that I seem so happy now and seems to have got "my Mojo" back .
After hearing this I realisedI  so different from that person who went to see Martin that first time. The positive treatment I received from Martin  has in turn affected all aspects of my life and has also made my husband a very happy man! I still maintain my relationship with Martin and call whenever I feel I may need assistance getting through stressful busy times, but they are now few and far between.
I have and do recommend Martin to everyone for general ailments and especially those who suffer depression/anxiety and wants to conquer it without having to be medicated.
Thankyou Martin for giving me back my Mojo




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