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In January 2012 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, my Son Sam. I had a smooth birth with no complications and Sam was a healthy happy New Born with an Agar score of 9 and 9.

Sam grew quickly and was hitting his milestones on time, sometimes early; in some cases he almost seemed advanced. He was a happy, cuddly and content One Year old.
At 16 months after his MMR vaccine Sam changed ever so slightly. First he would no longer look at the camera when you tried to take his photo. Gradually we lost eye contact almost completely. He started to walk on his toes all of the time and was flapping his hands. By October 2011 even the couple of words that he had disappeared. I did some research on the Internet and became concerned that he may be Autistic. Immediately we went in search of a Developmental Pediatrician only to find the the waiting list enormous. I finally secured an appointment for December 2011.
During our wait to see the pediatrician Sam continued to go backwards. He started to hum constantly and was almost completely vague. Unless has was watching The Wiggles, he would just wander around and do his own thing. He would not play with other kids or toys; he actually hated being in the presence of other children and cried anytime there were children around.

We finally got to our appointment date with the pediatrician and to this day that consult still shocks me. He listened to all of the things we had listed that Sam did without so much as acknowledging Sam in the room, never once getting down at eye level with Sam to see for himself. At the end of the appointment he confirmed our largest fear that Sam was indeed Autistic. He assured us that there was support of $110/fortnight from the government, when I asked what I was to do with the $110.00 he said, "you said he likes swimming get his some more lessons" and that was it! No direction and certainly no hope.
I dove into books reading into ABA, OT, Speech you name it, but one thing constantly caught my eye. So many people reported having fantastic results through Homeopathy. Not being a believer in this type of medicine I was very skeptical but I was willing to give anything a shot, that's when I found Martin at Living Water.

So off we went to meet Martin, we talked about Sam and what we thought may have the triggered Autism. Based on the information we shared Martin made Sam up a remedy but that's not all. If you are reading this as a parent of a recently diagnosed child or a parent that has an Autistic child, you will have spent so much time running around looking for answers and solutions and only ever finding the time to feel your own pain late at night... no one ever seems to ask how you are. Well at the end of our initial appointment Martin asked me how I was travelling and I finally fell apart. I couldn't believe my ears...someone actually cared.
The next day after Sam’s first dose of the remedy I picked him up from Nana's on the way home from work and I could not believe my eyes... Sam saw me from the lounge room, held eye contact all the way to me, I picked him up in my arms and he held my face in his hands and stared straight into my eyes, I couldn't wait to tell Martin or David (my husband). My husband had been a bigger skeptic than me.
We continue to see Martin with Sam monthly and Sam is continuing down the path of coming into balance that Martin promised he would. I call Martin regularly between appointments to give him an update on Sam. Whilst Sam is not cured at 2 years and 7 months, he now goes to Kindy 3 days a week and is comfortable with other children, even trying to get involved. He has maintained his eye contact, most of his little ticks are gone and he accepts changes in routine with no problem. We believe that a lot of the positive change that we have seen in the past 6 months has been the result of Homeopathy.   
Thank you Martin, you give us hope...





I am a 36 year old married woman with 2 kids. I started suffering from severe anxiety attacks when I was 30.

It all started when I went to the doctors to get a check up and they had asked me to come back in 6 weeks time as they thought something didn’t look right. The panic attacks went for the entire 6 weeks, my symptoms were nausea, hot flushes, couldn’t eat properly, couldn’t sleep, very depressed, and many times crying for hours as I thought what if its cancer, and if it is, I was going to die and my kids were not going to have a mum ( my greatest fear). It turned out to be nothing, but that triggered off many years of panicking over anything to do with my health or my family’s health.

I went to see doctors, they just said I was imbalanced and that I would get over it. After many, many years of going to doctors for various medical things, they finally put me on antidepressants for 6 months. That did work and I finally felt good again however it was only temporarily, as not long after I had gotten off the tablets, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, and of course that started my anxiety and panic attacks again.

My mum got treatment and is fully recovered however, I was still having my attacks and thankfully my mum suggested seeing a homeopath to see if they could help me, and that’s where I met Martin.

I told Martin about everything that had happened and we went from there. He explained that is how someone of my personality type deals with these kinds of situations and he gave me drops to take. Well I haven’t looked back! It did take a while and slowly I was making progress and now finally I am healed. I still get the occasional thought, but as quickly as it comes it goes and I don’t get the all symptoms I used to get. He also taught me to accept who I am and that is the way I deal with things, and my type of personality is needed in society which made me feel really good.

I will always refer anyone that I know that has any problems to see Martin. To think I suffered so many years and all I needed to get was natural homeopathic drops to heal me from the inside out.





I have been a patient of Martin's nearly four years. I went to see Martin as I was suffering from (though unwilling to admit it at the time)  terrible anxiety and depression. A friend referred me to Martin and I have never looked back.  He was so patient and understanding and always available to help me when I had bad weeks or issues that caused me extra turmoil. He listened as I cried and cried. He gave me great ideas about learning to cope. He was very sensitive to my needs and has, after 3 years treatment, effectively cleared me of depression without the need for anti-depressants. A combination of the remedies, Martin's support, and really calling on myself to be strong  got me through one of the darkest times of my life. I am so grateful to Martin for his help in getting me back to the way I used to be.
It was such a relief to myself (and those around me) to have the heavy weight lifted off me and the constant anxiety removed. I was able to enjoy my life, my family and my friends again. The initial treatment itself removed a lot of the issues within a relative short time frame and I have, since then, gone to strength to strength as Martin worked through all the different layers affecting me. My friends and family have even commented that I seem so happy now and seems to have got "my Mojo" back .
After hearing this I realisedI  so different from that person who went to see Martin that first time. The positive treatment I received from Martin  has in turn affected all aspects of my life and has also made my husband a very happy man! I still maintain my relationship with Martin and call whenever I feel I may need assistance getting through stressful busy times, but they are now few and far between.
I have and do recommend Martin to everyone for general ailments and especially those who suffer depression/anxiety and wants to conquer it without having to be medicated.
Thankyou Martin for giving me back my Mojo



Coughs, Colds and Influenza



I just wanted to send you a letter of thanks to let you know just how grateful I am to you for providing me with the right remedy to heal me of my persistent cough. I had been coughing consistently for a period of over 12 months. The cough was dry, non-productive, and would sometimes cause a ‘gagging’ sensation; these violent coughing fits occurred at least once or twice a day, with milder coughing occurring in between.

As a teacher it became, at times, very debilitating for me. I had seen the Doctor twice during 2008 to provide a diagnosis and  remedy, but on both occasions, the outcome was unsatisfactory. I was honestly “at my wits end”. So FINALLY, seeking a homeopathic cure turned out to be the answer. After the first spoonful of the remedy, the cough disappeared instantly! What a difference a tiny “pillule” has made to my life ! Thank you so much Martin.




My daughter, who is 3yrs old, was coming down with something. It’s been 3 months of one cold / flu after another. It was time to look for an alternative to over the counter meds and hopefully a stop to the never ending colds ’n flu.

We called Martin and made an appointment to see him. After having a chat, discussing Lily’s symptom’s and a bit about who she is Martin came up with a remedy.

By the time we got home I had to carry a teary, unwell little girl out of the car. I lay her down, snuggled with her favourite soft toy with lots of comforting words and cuddles. I prepared and administered the remedy as instructed by Martin and waited. Half hr after the first dose she jumped up, came to me with a smile on her face and said, “Mummy, remember I was crying, well I feel better now!” and off she dashed to play with her toys! I was, well to say amazed is an understatement. It was unbelievable to see such a change come over her in such a short space of time. It took a few more days for her to get over the actual symptoms but it was all good because she was cheery and happy inspite of them, which made things so much easier to deal with, for all concerned.

We’ve not looked back and although I’ve not seen a response quite as dramatic as that we’ve had successes with all other remedies for a range of complaints and illnesses.

Thank you Martin for giving my daughter her smile back.


Sport Injuries

 After years of being very active and involved with sports and dancing I found myself constantly in pain from the many and repeated ankle and other soft tissue injuries sustained over the years. Almost permanently on painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs I found that when I didn't take the medications I was waking in the night with the pain in my ankle. Each morning I would have to spend five to ten minutes gradually, gently and painfully stretching the ankle until I was able to stand on it. I became alarmed when this process had to be repeated during the day, whenever I rose from sitting for any length of time.
When it was suggested to me to try Biomesotherapy, a Homeopathic sports injury treatment, I was open to anything that would help with the pain. After the first treatment there was an immediate improvement and now after a second treatment I find myself relatively pain free at night and getting straight up and able to walk on the ankle in the morning. I'm back to walking daily and running up and down stairs, something that I hadn't been able to do for a couple of years.
No painkillers, no drugs and an ankle that is improving weekly. I've found the results of Biomesotherapy treatment quite liberating.


I am an Australian Rules Football player and was diagnosed with glandular fever halfway through our season. The doctor I went to said I would be lucky if I played again inside 2 months. This meant the end of my season for the year.

I was aching all over, was extremely lethargic and the glands in my neck were so swollen I could hardly eat. I lost 7kg in weight over a week and a half.

I went to see Martin Costigan at Living Water Homeopathy and he built up a comprehensive picture of my symptoms. He then prescribed me a Homeopathic remedy. Within the first couple of days my energy and aches started to improve significantly, and then to my amazement my swollen glands went down. I started to eat again and within a couple of weeks had regained the weight I had lost. Within 3 weeks I was back playing footy.

Thanks Martin for saving my season.




I am a 28 year old nurse. Being a sceptic from seeing pharmaceutical medications given for ailments and then others to counteract the side effects from the first ones, I thought there must be a better way. I first was introduced to Martin when I was heading to Hawaii for a touch tournament/holiday. Martin gave me a variety of remedies to take and what to take them for. I used one remedy pre and post playing which significantly decreased stiffness and soreness, another topical solution for a stubbed toe that was healed in a matter of days and another for a black eye. Being a nurse and a regular to sports related soreness and how long things generally take to heal using regular medications when compared with homeopathic remedies the healing time was significantly decreased using homeopathic treatments. I now regularly use remedies pre and post playing sport and recovery times have diminshed. Thank you Martin



Early last year I was faced with the unknown, I had broken my wrist playing netball. Devastated, having not broken anything before, I was told at the hospital to keep my arm in the sling and come back to the fracture clinic in 2 weeks, and given pain killers. I was in significant pain and had no idea how to handle a broken bone. I do not like taking pills and wanted an alternative to pain killers that were knocking me out and making me constipated. Martin asked me a number of questions including what type of pain it was, was it there all the time and was it worse for sudden movement. He then made up 2 remedies for me to use alternatively. The pain was decreased and became bearable overr a couple of days, then was completely gone after just a couple of weeks with no side effects that the other regular medications were giving me. A big thank you.    




During an Australian Rules game I received a blow to the eye in a tackle from the swinging arm of an opposition player.

Martin Costigan was our team Homeopath and we had been using Homeopathy for both prevention and treatment of injuries. I had been taking the remedy Arnica before each game and after my injury Martin told me to keep taking it for the next few days.

On Monday I went to a doctor and she ordered an x-ray which revealed my eye socket was fractured. She was amazed at the lack of bruising and swelling around my eye. Martin told me that this was due to the action of the Arnica. He then prescribed for me another Homeopathic remedy which assists bone to heal rapidly.

I have no doubt my injury would have side-lined me longer if I had not been using Homeopathy. Thanks heaps Martin.




Late last year I was faced with a broken collarbone, the second break in 7 months. This time I decided to get it plated. There was a large gap and the bone growth around the previous brake had been broken straight through. It was discussed and the specialist told me that I needed a bone graft.  A piece of my hip bone taken out and put in the gap of my collarbone. The specialist did explain that the bone graft is generally more painful than the surgery to the collarbone itself! Post surgery I was dosed up on a cocktail of different medications, which zonked me out and made me continuously vomit, not being able to keep any food down. I was then sent home with a painkiller and told to keep the sling on for 6 weeks. I was given a 5 minute daily physio exercise regime but being dosed up, couldn't remember what was said. I was referred by a friend to Martin who had used him for various other conditions but not post surgery or broken bones. I thought anything was worth a try. After an initial consultation and a few remedies later my arm pain was significantly better. I returned to work a few weeks later with arm in sling but after only one day was forced to take the rest of the week off with extreme leg and hip pain from what? It wasn't where they took the bone out but it was definitely something to do with it. I spoke to Martin again and he gave me a couple of remedies to use alternatively and asked me if I was interested in coming in for a Bowen Therapy. I had never heard of a Bowen Therapy but again I thought it has to be better then dealing with this soreness/pain. After a few sessions and the remedies I am completely painfree, have returned to full time physical work and playing competitive sport 3 days a week. Martin I don't know what I would have done without you. Thank you!  


Skin Complaints



I went to Martin Costigan for homeopathic treatment predominantly because of my skin. My skin would burn and tingle (like acid was on it) and it would make me feel awful. In addition I used to break out in red pimples and lumps. My skin would get particularly bad in hot humid weather or after eating honey, ice cream or sorbet.

I also had a real fear of terrorism and violence generally, refusing to even watch the news or read newspapers.

After my first treatment my skin improved heaps. It actually glowed! With continued homeopathic treatment under Martin I have emotionally come much more into balance as well. My fears relating to terrorism and violence are not as bigger issue anymore. Now if I watch news on the television it doesn't emotionally drain me anymore. 

When I first went to see Martin I also talked to him about perfectionist tendencies I had carried through life. Since being treated homeopathically my perfectionism has progressively lessened. I am much easier on myself and am more able to accept my limits and work within them.




Martin Costigan saved my life – literally.

I’d had unbearably itchy eyes and itchy skin for over 2 years.  I’d seen numerous GP’s, a Dermatologist, an Optometrist, an Opthamologist, a Dietician and an Acupuncturist.  The only relief I had was after seeing the Dietician.  I went on an elimination diet and discovered that preservatives triggered my itchy skin.  Avoiding preservatives helped for quite a while but my eyes stayed constantly itchy – so itchy, that I would scratch the corners with my nails.  Although being on a preservative-free diet, after a while my itchy skin returned.
A lady working in a chemist told me about Martin and how helpful he had been to her.  So I thought, “What have I got to lose”, and made an appointment.  At that stage I really didn’t think I could live the way I was for much longer.  I googled Homeopathy on the internet which gave me an insight into how it works.

On my first visit, Martin told me that I wouldn’t be cured overnight but that he felt sure that he could help me.  He said that skin problems could take a while to resolve.  I didn’t care if the process was going to be slow – he was the first person to give me any encouragement in finding a “cure”.  Although the process has progressed slowly, it has definitely not been a costly one.  I only need to see Martin once a month – the other weeks I phone him and give him an update and he advises me of how much and when to take my remedy. The remedy was included in the first visit and I have never needed to replenish it.

From the first visit I had results.  It took a little while to get the dose right.  My reactions each week tell Martin a story and he can then advise me over the phone what to do next.  I started seeing Martin during last year and after a few weeks my itchy eyes disappeared, which improved my quality of life enormously.  There’s still a little way to go with my itchy skin but the improvement is amazing.  

I would not hesitate to recommend Martin to anyone with any kind of problems – physical or emotional.  Several of my friends have consulted Martin for various conditions and have not stopped singing his praises.  I just wish I’d discovered Homeopathy before I was so desperate – but it wasn’t something I’d ever had any contact with and didn’t understand the help it could give me.  I will be forever grateful for the help Martin has given me.




The skin on my fingers will crack and bleed every year during the winter months. I was given a homeopathic remedy for this and within days my skin healed. Amazing stuff.




I first decided to look into homeopathy after I had repeatedly had unsatisfactory responses from medical doctors.  When I moved to Australia I searched for a homeopath who would be able to help me.  I decided to see Martin from the recommendations and testimonials on his website. 

The issue that I saw Martin for was a skin condition – eczema. I suffered from itchy, red and unsightly skin inflammation on my hands, arms and face.   This is a condition I have suffered from since birth and has come and gone in different degrees of severity throughout my life.

Throughout my time attending appointments my skin condition has improved and has continued to do so.  My symptoms have improved and I feel much better in myself since I have been taking homeopathic remedies.  I now feel that I am a much healthier person and am able to deal with things better than in previous years, even though all my symptoms have not yet completely gone.  I feel as if I am more in balance with myself, even emotionally (and this is not something I originally went to see Martin about).

My skin condition is much better than it ever has been in my life.  I still get some eczema but it is confined to a small area and usually brought on by life style choices, stress or the weather.  It is refreshing to have someone listen to what you have to say and act on it.  The weekly updates are also a vital part of your treatment to monitor progress.

It has been an interesting journey where I have learnt things about myself along the way.  I am now more willing to turn to homeopathic remedies for other ailments without the need to seek conventional medication.  I like the fact that I am taking natural products that have no side effects and will not harm my body. 

I would and have recommended homeopathy to friends and other people.  I have found that it is something which works for me on more than one level and for more than one problem in my life.  If I ever have a cold I will always turn to homeopathic treatment first.  I also believe that homeopathy can help with symptoms which doctors may say they cannot help you with or which may involve invasive procedures.  I would always try homeopathy first. 

I would recommend homeopathic treatment to anyone – give it a try.




My two young boys aged 7 & 5 have been battling school sores for almost 2 months. After consulting with the GP we were first given antibiotic cream which helped but more sores kept popping up. I tried many other creams and then finally gave in and put my 7 year old (who had the worst sores) onto antibiotics. 

At the end of the week long course of antibiotics they were better but then flared up again straight after.  I didnt want to give another dose of antibiotics, but at my wits end, I gave homeopathy a try. We have always used homeopathy at home for common colds etc, but it never occurred to me to use for school sores. Martin prescribed a remedy at first which helped but the sores were persistant He prescribed a different remedy where, incredibly, the sores vanished in just 3 days!!!

Many thanks Martin!




Pain Management




I had shoulder surgery in March 2006. It was a tendon repair and shaving of the bone. In hospital I had a morphine drip in for 24 hours and I was sent home with 2 boxes of heavy painkillers to keep the pain at bay. The pain killers gave me a bad rash and made me sick within 24 hours so I stopped taking them. I then went on to Panamax for a few days but they did not seem to work so I went off them also. I experienced bad pains and sat up half the night in my lounge chair.

I went to see Martin at Living Water Homeopathic Medicine Centre and after taking my symptoms he gave me a homeopathic remedy which I was to take for 5 days. I did get less pain and managed to stay in bed at night. I stopped after the 5 days and the pain got real bad again. I went to see Martin again as the pain was so bad. He put me back on the original remedy plus an additional one. He also gave me Traumeel cream which is a homeopathic anti-inflammatory cream.

I stayed on the remedies and cream until 2 weeks ago. Now my pain has significantly lessened. I am still using the Traumeel cream every morning. 





I become fearful when it comes to going to the dentist. I had to have a back molar out and was told stitches would be necessary.  I grind my teeth and when I have had  extractions  previously I was in agony and could only be soothed with strong painkillers and Valium for days after the extraction Given my anxiety I would have preferred to take all of that for days BEFORE the extraction. Sometimes even a lot of dental work could be painful due to the grinding of the teeth. 

I mentioned this to Martin in passing and he said he could help with homeopathic medicines instead, which would work quicker and have no side effects. He got me to take drops for a week before the tooth came out and then different ones post-extraction when the injections wore off. To my complete joy and relief I did not even have to take one Panadol for the whole episode. There was no throbbing ache as the injections wore off.  I did not have to top up with codeine or other drugs and the next morning my mouth felt fine. My head felt good as well as I did not need to take Valium. Of course the extraction spot was tender and I had to be careful with eating. But there was no swelling and hardly any bleeding at all.

I feel so much better that I did not have to take the other heavy pain killers as I usually would, because they always made me feel pretty strange in the head and with my low pain threshold I always had to take the maximum amount.




 After years of being very active and involved with sports and dancing I found myself constantly in pain from the many and repeated ankle and other soft tissue injuries sustained over the years. Almost permanently on painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs I found that when I didn't take the medications I was waking in the night with the pain in my ankle. Each morning I would have to spend five to ten minutes gradually, gently and painfully stretching the ankle until I was able to stand on it. I became alarmed when this process had to be repeated during the day, whenever I rose from sitting for any length of time.
When it was suggested to me to try Biomesotherapy, a Homeopathic sports injury treatment, I was open to anything that would help with the pain. After the first treatment there was an immediate improvement and now after a second treatment I find myself relatively pain free at night and getting straight up and able to walk on the ankle in the morning. I'm back to walking daily and running up and down stairs, something that I hadn't been able to do for a couple of years.
No painkillers, no drugs and an ankle that is improving weekly. I've found the results of Biomesotherapy treatment quite liberating.



I came to you for treatment as I have had lower back pain since receiving an epidural,  during a very traumatic experience in giving birth to my son.  I have put up with the pain for over 12yrs now.  The pain was really affecting my life. Even after standing for 1 hour to do the ironing I was unable to walk properly and in unbelievable pain; so much so I would have to lie on the bed.

When I visited you at your clinic you took the time to listen to my story and prescribed a treatment especially for me and my problem.  I am happy to say that even after 24hrs on the treatment I felt so much better, and in as little as seven days I felt fantastic and my lower back pain was completely non-existent. I can’t believe how simple it was to become “pain free”.  A huge thank you. My only regret is that I didn’t come and see you sooner.  I guess there is no longer an excuse to get out of the ironing………….

Kindest Regards




Hi Martin,
I want to share with you my experience of using Arnica post surgery.
I am both amazed and delighted at how quickly I have recovered from the surgery. I had an Morten's Neuroma removed from my foot two weeks ago and I am already back to my usual walking regime of an hour per day.
I only had to use panadol as pain relief for a couple of days because I experience very little pain.  "I'M SO DELIGHTED" I was walking on my foot the next day and driving my car two days later. Even more amazing is that when I took the bandaging off there was no evidence of  any bruising.

When I saw the specialist a week after the surgery to take out the stitches he commented on how quickly I was healing.
I had been apprehensive going into the surgery about the recovery time, so you can understand that why I'm singing the praises of Arnica.


 I got a stress fracture in my ankle, and after nine months of standard treatment wearing a brace, it had not healed. I was advised by two surgeons that the only option was to surgically fuse the joint with screws and the one told me it would take nine months from when he operated to when I would ‘be back to normal’.

Martin was recommended by a friend, and as a last resort, I went to him- very sceptical- not imagining that he could do anything to fix a broken bone! After my initial consultation with Martin he identified grief for leaving my home country as a cause of blocking natural healing ability in my body. I agreed with what he said, but still didn’t think the remedy could treat ‘grief’ or a broken bone! I first took the remedy on a Friday afternoon, and that weekend I noticed the pain in my ankle was a bit better- but I though that was a fluke! I found that over time I had periods of when the pain in my ankle would disappear, and then come back. Each time, however, the period of no pain was longer and longer, until, after three months, I was able to remove the brace and I haven’t needed to put it on since.

Thank you, Martin, for helping me overcome grief that I hadn’t recognised, and for helping get my bone to heal naturally- without the need for traumatic surgery.





Chronic Headaches



Homeopathy has been a Godsend to me. I have suffered from constant headaches for the past 5 years - day and night.

Over the years I have tried many doctors, specialists, neuro-surgeons, hormone specialists and naturopaths. None of them could correct this problem. Some of them were actually patronizing. 

On the way home from one of these specialists, I drove past Martin's office and thought "what have I got to lose?" I was desperate for someone to understand that it was not "just in my head" (so succinctly put by one highly paid specialist).

From that first visit I have been not only amazed that he had managed to get rid of the headaches within the hour, but found relief for weeks at a time. 

Martin has the ability to understand and care when I describe the pain I have.

I have total faith in his professionalism and have received so much support and understanding when I visit him that I recommend him to my family, friends and work colleagues. 

I honestly believe Martin has given me back a quality of life that I have not experienced for many years.

Thank you. 


Infants and Children


Our 15 month old daughter had suffered constant illness since birth with numerous ear infections, colds, chest infections, viruses, whooping cough and major sleeping problems, so after her 15th course of antibiotics I decided to seek alternative treatment.  Martin was recommended to me by a friend so I took her to see him and the results have been amazing. 

The constant illnesses and antibiotics had caused our gorgeous girl to be miserable, lethargic, clingy and very high maintenance and she regularly had very high unexplained temperatures for days at a time.  She was waking up to 8 times a night and the sleepless nights were taking their toll on us and our family.  

Since starting the homeopathic treatment we now have a healthy and incredibly happy toddler who sleeps through almost every night and we often comment that we now have someone else’s child!  I would certainly recommend homeopathy and Martin to anyone experiencing a similar situation.





 My son was experiencing nausea and vomiting. After being prescribed a homeopathic remedy his condition improved incredibly within the hour - a completely different kid.




 My newborn baby was experiencing severe colic and as a result was not sleeping.  After receiving his homeopathic remedy he stopped crying and fell asleep within minutes!  Within 3 days he was sleeping for several hours at a time and his distress had gone.  My husband was also suffering from thrush which disappeared within a couple of days of  using a homeopathic remedy.




Dear Martin,

I took my daughter to a Pediatrician who diagnosed her as having Glue Ear and possibly needing grommets in the future. He also recommended a hearing test.

I then took my daughter to see yourself. You examined her ears and asked me about her general health and other pertinent questions. A remedy was then prescribed by you and after one week of treatment she stopped pulling at her ears, slept better and seemed happier. This result has been sustained.

I’ve been back to the pediatrician since and he was very pleased with her ears, stating that “there is nothing wrong with them”.

I am really grateful for such a simple remedy, when the alternative of grommets would have involved quite a painful and complicated procedure.

I have already recommended your skills to a friend.

Many thanks,




Martin  treated my young son for a large sebaceous cyst in his ear that, doctors and surgeons had advised,  was only treatable by invasive ENT surgery. The cyst would regularly blow up and block the entire ear canal and was very painful for my toddler son.

I  discussed the situation and condition with Martin at length and he researched and found a remedy that would assist. My husband and the ENT surgeon were doubtful that the remedy would assist, but after 3 months treatment (using remedies) the cyst blew up for the last time and then dissipated. The ENT surgeon confirmed the cyst is gone and no surgery is now required.
We are so grateful to Martin for assisting us with this horrible painful condition that would have plagued my son for years until he was old enough to have surgery.



Food Intolerances


My 5 year old son James has been under homeopathic care with Martin Costigan for some time. He had food intolerances combined with constant tiredness and crankiness. He also had waxy ears and itchy eyes. After the first treatment James became more compliant and "tested the limits" a lot less. There was also a big improvement in the waxiness of his ears. In this time he also tried some new food which was unusual for him.

Since that time, with ongoing treatment, James' food intolerances have improved significantly and he continues to improve as a whole person under homeopathic care. The improvement that homeopathy has made to James' life is immeasureable. He is more balanced and feels better within himself. This reduces the stress on the family as well. 

Homeopathy is an important part of my family's health and well being and it ensures that we remain on the journey of optimum health.

Thank you Martin. 






 Living Water has offered me a completely new life through treatment with homeopathy.
At first I was doubtful how the treatments would work as I am located in Newcastle, NSW and Living Water in North Lakes, QLD. I am so pleased with the results that obviously distance was no barrier to treatment. My symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) have now cleared completely. All this has been achieved so effortlessly that I am truly amazed. I have gone from being fearful of being out and having an attack hit me and causing embarrassment, to now having no symptoms; I even included small amounts of diary back into my diet which had been excluded to reduce the IBS symptoms. All this has happened since my internal balance has been corrected.

Not only has this all taken place in a matter of only 8 weeks, I have also had emotional breakthroughs for issues which have been with me for life. I have suffered from abandonment issues where everybody in my life had abandoned me. This had made my current relationship very difficult to deal with, from both my own feelings of fear that my partner would leave, to his feelings of being smothered because of my fear. These emotions where put to the test recently when my husband traveled to WA for business for 10 days and I experienced feelings of calmness and pleasure in spending time with myself and family and friends.

I have also experienced more acceptance in life's happenings.  In Newcastle we recently  were declared a disaster zone after experiencing several days of flooding rains and wide spread destruction of property. Since this time we have had a couple of severe storms and my calmness watching the lightning and hearing the thunder has surprised me, as previously this was a situation I would remove myself from as soon as possible by going indoors.
I can only recommend that people try the homeopathy path to relieve themselves of both physical and emotional pains, as it is such an easy and effortless process that they truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain. My heart felt gratitude for all that you have done for me.




I took my 5 year old son Sean to see Martin Costigan due to eating imbalances and low energy. At night he would always eat very slow and would experience great tiredness.

After his initial treatment Sean's eating in the evening improved as did his energy levels. By his next appointment, he had developed eczema (red, crusty, dry eruptions) on his legs, back and under the eyebrows. This was the same as the eczema (appearance and location) he had when he was between 6-22 months of age! We had treated it with a cortisone cream and it went away at that time. Martin explained that old symptoms that have been suppressed often return when the whole person is treated homeopathically and that this was a sign that healing was occurring in the right direction.

With ongoing treatment Sean's eczema has gone and he continues to become more balanced as a whole person. He is now the last to go to sleep and the last to get up; the complete opposite of before.





When I look back at the past five months, since I began Homeopathic treatment, I can hardly believe what I was like at the beginning of the year. I actually feel like I have shed the skin of that person and have grown into the sort of person I want as my best friend.

When I was in your office weeping and stuck in that bleak numbing place in my mind I felt as though I was dead while I was still alive.  It was as though the top of my head was open and gallons of cold, wet, rough concrete was being poured into me - down my throat, down my guts, setting hard and expanding. I was terrified of the pain as my brain was forcibly flattened and squeezed against my skull.  I felt so lifeless, yet terrified.    

Why ? - because 6 years ago I had come out of the same "thing" - a "thing" that had lasted on and off for 6 years. I had been diagnosed then with endogenous depression and been prescribed antidepressants.  I tried at least 5 different sorts; Efexor, Zoloft, Arapax,and Aurorix, all in varying doses from the minimum to the maximum.  Then Lithium was added.  But none of it worked in the end, just more of the same. The doses got biggerand the tablets changed. I went for periods of a few months at a time  in a sort of "limbo", neither really happy or really sad.  I got fatter as a result of the medication and that made me feel more loathsome. My energy plummeted and I would sleep all day, watching TV to put me to sleep.  The lithium affected my thyroid and I had to take thyroid tablets.  In the end I could not bear to put another tablet down my neck.  I wanted to take rat poison, anything to end the "madness" of a "thing" I was supposed to being cured of. My brain could not cope with this.  I was at my wits end.   By sheer luck I had the good fortune to meet a skilled acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist and after intensive treatment I "came good" got my energy back, got a job and kept going.  I did not know that alternative medicine could be this powerful.  

Over the past two years, living with the stress and anxiety of a child with a multiple drug addiction and enormous complications, spiralled me back into the terrible reality of the agonised brain. I was frantic with fear of what I could become again and felt reduced once again to a blob of useless pathetic futility.  Again even suicide was a considered option.   The homeopathic treatment you started me on seemed so bland.  A few drops of this, etc.  But something went to work and without my realising it my brain did a turn around, picked up bundles of good energy and took off. Things happened along the way ... anxiety, grief, sadness, despair, rage, feelings of uselessness and low self esteem, all seemed to vaporise and I felt re-energised with a sense of acceptance and contenment.  I felt I was in the driving seat, that I was capable of staying there for as long as it took.

Now as I continue with constitutional treatment, it as though I feel I have so much to look forward to and contribute to my life and what is around me.  And my son, whom I put on the "back burner" to leave to his own devices, has gradually made some improvements without the unhealthy influence of yet another dead, unhealthy presence in his life.   The best thing about homeopathic treatment is that I don't feel as though I am being "treated".  I feel as though the remedies melt away all the garbage that has piled up inside me and at 54 years of age I can now experience being playful, carefree, joyful, hopeful and independent in my ability to live within society.  




I am a, normally very healthy, 36 y.o. male but have suffered from bouts of depression for the last year or so, getting worse over time.

I did not even realise it was depression initially, but I recognised I needed to do something about my worsening conditions which seemed to be getting out of control.

After months of counseling I could not seem to get any better and my GP advised taking anti-depressants.

Then I turned to Martin for help and I have been astounded by the profound improvements I experienced after being treated homeopatically.

This is not an overstatement – within just two days I felt so good, like I haven’t felt for a year – and I am continuing to improve, without the use of pharmaceutical medication.

I don’t know where I would be now without this treatment – thanks Martin.




I came to Martin, at Living Water Homeopathy, for help after trying everything else for my depression. My doctor had prescribed numerous anti-depressants including Zoloft, all of which had terrible side effects and didn’t help me in the slightest.

I was at my lowest when I found Martin's article in the local paper on depression and called him up, not having ever tried a natural therapy before. After a lifetime of trying everything else I just kept my fingers crossed, and my mind open, to see what Martin had to say.

Within 3 days of the first dose of my remedy I felt a huge difference. After the first month I felt like I was a whole new person. Not only had my depression gone but other things I had suffered my entire life like headaches, lethargy, mood swings, PMS, food cravings and more had vanished.

Now I feel amazing, my children comment almost daily on the ‘new’ me and I can enjoy life again without the dark, heavy weight I always felt on me before. My husband is the most amazed, he says I am a totally new person, heathly, happy and outgoing, and best of all no longer insecure and untrusting!!! I would recommend Martin to anyone, (and I regularly do!).




My life at one stage seemed hopeless; being a married mum with an alcoholic husband and struggling to raise two young children. My situation was the source of significant grief and I could barely function as a person let alone be a mother. Thank God for sending me Martin Costigan, because through him I receive Homeopathic care that enables me to live and be present, in the moment.




 After 35 years of consulting Natropaths, doctors, acupuncturists, etc, I could only obtain short term relief from my health challenges.

My problems started from PTSD in my youth, and continuous night duty in a  high responsibility job. Added to this, I contracted Glandular Fever at 20 and didn't have it treated at the time, not even knowing what it was or that I had it. This Glandular fever caused a lot of fatigue that would rise and fall all through my life plus I lost a kidney to it.

Martin very patiently worked through my life and unravelled me like an old black and white film.
With the aide of his remedies he built up my imune system, rid my body and mind of fear and panic attacks, and removed toxic poisoning from my system.

Having to give up work at 49 was a definite shock to my already fragile system. I found it very hard to get my head around this, but with gentle Homeopathic treatment, I am now able to face whatever the future may bring. All this took time but we arrived at the destination.

I also believe that it is essential to believe in a higher force: God: in whatever form you might perceive him to be, and find rest in his light.

Many thanks Martin. Keep up the great work.





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