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Homeopathic Medicine is a great form of sports medicine. It can treat both preventatively and post-injury with rapid cure and no side effects. Homeopathic remedies strengthen the body’s vital force and immune system to give it maximum capacity to engage it’s own healing potential.

There are a number of Homeopathic remedies which have been tried and tested clinically for well over 150 years and are invaluable additions to any sports-person’s first aid kit. These remedies have been proven time and again to be of great service to those playing sport and wanting to minimize injuries as well as recovery times. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, homeopathic remedies don’t just suppress symptoms but actually heal the damaged injury site.

Arnica is the sports remedy par excellence and is usually the first remedy to consider. Arnica is a specific remedy for bleeding and bruising. It will help reduce trauma at the site of injury and restore integrity. The sooner Arnica can be given after injury the better. After Arnica has done its wonderful work you may need to follow-up with one of the remedies below if indicated. Arnica is worse for touch and sudden exertion, and better for rest.

If you are returning to your sport after injury Arnica can also be taken as a preventative.

Muscle Bruising
Arnica is the remedy of choice here. If the bruising is deep, such as from a corked muscle, Bellis perennis will be ideal as it works like Arnica but much deeper into the tissues. Bellis perennis is worse for internal or external chill after heating.

Strains and Sprains
A strain is an injury between muscle and tendon or tendon and bone
A sprain is a tearing of the ligament connected to the bone.

Rhus tox  is the number one remedy for sprains and strains. The main keynote of Rhus tox is stiffness with restlessness. Pains are often tearing or stitching. Rhus tox is worse for first movement (eg: upon waking), damp weather and cold. It is better for continued movement. A torn Achilles tendon will respond rapidly to Rhus tox.


Fractured and Broken Bones
Symphytum, commonly know as knitbone, accelerates the healing of fractured and broken bones. The person will experience the sensation of ‘pricking’ in the bones. It heals bones rapidly so broken bones must be first set correctly first by a medical doctor before symphytum is administered.  Also use the tissue salt Calc. phos to help provide the raw materials necessary for bone to heal well. For stress fractures use Arnica rather than symphytum because the bone is bent or slightly fractured.

Tennis Elbow
Ruta grav is a great remedy for injuries to tendons and the outer layer of bone. It will help with this injury which has developed from overuse and stress of the elbow joint. If there is deep bruising in the joint Bellis perennis can taken as well (alternate remedies at least half an hour apart).

 Knee Injuries
Ruta grav is also a specific for knee injuries.

Head Traumas
A knock to the head in contact sport is all-too-common. Arnica is the first remedy of choice. Give it immediately. Always have head injuries checked out by a medical doctor/outpatients department. Often in a head-knock scenario a person needing Arnica will have a fear of being touched because of the pain and will say they are alright when they are not. The upper body is hot while the lower body is cool. They may also regain consciousness when spoken to, then relapse into unconsciouness. Old head injuries need to be treated professionally by a qualified Homeopath.

Rib Fractures, Broken Collar Bones and Contusions
Bryonia is a great pain remedy for broken bones. Broken ribs and collar bones in particular are often painful due to necessary local movement generally, as well as that associated with breathing. Worse for the slightest movement is a main keynote of Bryonia. The person will be also be worse for heat or touch and better for rest, pressure and cold. 

Cuts and Wounds
Calendula, in tincture, cream or potentized form, is an amazing wound healer. It has a double action in which it acts like an antiseptic stopping infection, but also it promotes cell granulation (growth of new tissue). Chemical antiseptics do stop infection but they can also destroy skin cells as well. For simple cuts or wounds apply calendula solution (10 drops of tincture into half a glass of warm water) or apply calendula cream. Some Calendula tincture should be in every sports person’s first aid kit.

Staphysagria is indicated in clean cuts, like from a knife or sharp instrument.  These cuts/scars are very painful and sometimes are slow to heal. Ledum is for puncture wounds. Typically the area will be blue, cold and puffy. It is one of homeopathy's main tetanus remedies. The affected area is better for cold applications.

Hypericum is another of Homeopathy’s great pain remedies. When dealing with nerve pain think Hypericum. In cream or tincture it can be used externally for painful wounds. For internal painful injuries use in potentised form. This is especially the case for crushing injuries, puncture wounds and the nerve rich extremities ie: fingers and toes.


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