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Taking a Remedy for Acute Ailments

For acute, everyday conditions the ideal way to take a remedy is in water.

Dissolve two pillules in 4oz (118ml) of water in a glass. Purified or spring water is best but if this is not possible use tapwater. If you are away from home make up the remedy the same way but store it in a small plastic mineral water bottle. If it is not practical in your situation to make a liquid remedy, pillules will suffice until you can.

Once the pillule is dissolved stir the solution and take 1 teaspoon or tablespoon as required. Always stir the solution before taking a dose. This ‘succusses' the remedy and makes it slightly stronger each time before you take it. If you make up your remedy in a bottle shake the bottle to succuss the remedy.

The more intense the symptoms, the more often you take the remedy. If, for example, you have constant vomiting that fits the Ipecac picture you may initially take a teaspoon every 30 minutes. As you start to improve back off to every hour or two. Alternatively, if you have the beginning of a flu that fits the Gelsemium picture and the symptoms are mild, you may take only 2-3 doses a day. 

When your symptoms significantly improve (90% better) stop taking the remedy. It will keep working (remember they are energy, not physical, medicines). You always have the option of re-starting a remedy if some symptoms worsen again. If a remedy is taken in excess you can begin to prove the remedy ie: produce symptoms of the remedy. If this happens, stopping the remedy will allow these symptoms to go fairly quickly. Remember, we are treating based on the principle of like cures like.

If there is no change in your symptoms at all after 3-4 hours, re-examine your choice of remedy. You may need a similar, but different remedy. If unsure make an appointment with a homeopathic practitioner. 

There is one exception to wet remedies being preferable. If you wish to take a remedy preventively always take it dry. The usual dose is 3 dry pillules in the mouth, but if you are a very sensitive person just take 1 pillule instead. An example of such a scenario would be before you take to the field to play a strong contact sport such as football, take 3 pillules dry, away from food/water if possible.


Important Remedy Guidelines

  1. Avoid handling remedies. Place the pillules direct into your mouth or water.

  2. Try not to eat or drink 20 minutes before or after taking the remedy.

  3. Avoid coffee and toothbrushing near the time you take a remedy. Don't use camphor (eg: in Vicks) at all while on a remedy

  4. Store remedies away from extreme heat, sunlight and essential oils.

  5. Only use 1 remedy at a time 

Following these guidelines will prevent remedies from being antidoted.


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