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About Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic Medicines - Remedies 

Homeopathic medicines (often referred to as remedies) are derived from plants, animals and minerals and work with the body in restoring and maintaining health.

They are energy medicines, not physical medicines, which are developed from physical substances through a process called potentization. This involves repeated dilution with succussion (shaking) which brings out the essence of the substance while reducing its physical concentration. Remedies can be made by hand or machine.

Due to them being extremely dilute substances homeopathic remedies produce no side effects and can be used concurrently with conventional medicines. They stimulate the body to heal itself - they work with the body not against it.

In contrast conventional drugs are usually prescribed to control or suppress symptoms. When symptoms are suppressed the immune system's ability to function is impaired and the disease process can be driven deeper.


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